BC.GAME’s EURO CUP 2024 Events Guide

BC.GAME’s EURO CUP 2024 Events Guide

The UEFA Euro 2024 kicks off on June 14th, marking the start of a month-long celebration of the beautiful game. To elevate your Euros experience, BC.GAME has unveiled a thrilling slate of events with exciting opportunities to win big. From predicting champions to maximizing your daily deposits, BC.GAME has something for every football fanatic.

Predict and Win: Vote for Champions and Dive into a $30,000 Prize Pool

BC.GAME’s Predict and Win event puts your Euro knowledge to the test. Here’s how you can participate and potentially grab a share of the $30,000 prize pool from June 1 to July 10:

  • Earning Tickets: Every $100 wagered on sports bets (based on settled bets) earns you 1 ticket. The maximum daily ticket limit is 5.
  • Casting Your Vote: Each ticket allows you to vote on one option within any available topic. Feel free to vote repeatedly for the same option if your convictions are strong!
  • Three Prize Pools: The $30,000 prize pool is divided into three separate pools of $10,000 each, all distributed in BCD (BC.GAME’s native cryptocurrency). Final rewards are subject to wagering requirements before withdrawal.
  • Important Considerations: Voting options might close early depending on match outcomes, and used tickets are non-refundable or changeable. Exceeding the daily 5-ticket limit resets your ticket accumulation for the next day.

Participation in BC.GAME’s Euro Cup 2024 Predict and Win event is open to all eligible users. Wagers are calculated based on final settlement, not initial placement. You can earn up to 5 daily tickets, each valid for a single vote on any option within a topic. While you can vote repeatedly for the same option, used tickets cannot be changed.

The Ultimate Daily Deposit Marathon: Fuel Your Euros Journey with Daily Rewards

BC.GAME isn’t just about predicting champions; it’s about rewarding your dedication throughout the Euros. The Ultimate Daily Deposit Marathon incentivizes consistent deposits with escalating free bets. Here’s how to join the marathon:

  • Deposit According to the Chart: The promotional chart specifies the minimum deposit amount for each day. Missing a day won’t disqualify you; simply pick up where you left off without restarting.
  • Unlock Daily Free Bets: Based on the percentage table and daily rewards potential, you can earn up to a whopping $1,000 in Sports Freebets.
  • Free Bet Breakdown: Sports Freebet rewards are based on daily deposits, with the profit portion awarded to users (excluding the bet amount). The percentage bonus on deposits increases from 1% to 8% over 15 days.
  • Fixed Bet Amounts and Minimum Requirements: The fixed bet amount for Sports Freebet rewards ranges from $10 to $50, depending on the total reward received. For instance, a $1,000 reward translates to 20 separate $50 free bets. Any free bet less than $0.2 will not be awarded.

The Ultimate Daily Deposit Marathon at BC.GAME for the Euro Cup 2024 is open to all players and designed for flexible participation. Even if you miss a day, you can pick up where you left off to maximize your rewards. Daily deposits are incentivized with increasing bonus percentages, potentially reaching $1,000 in free bets daily. These free bets credit only the winning profits, not the bet amount itself, and are distributed the following day after noon.


With the UEFA Euro 2024 set to be a spectacular event, BC.GAME enhances the excitement with its innovative promotions. Whether you’re predicting the champions or consistently making deposits, there are plenty of opportunities to win big and enjoy the tournament to the fullest. Join BC.GAME, participate in the events, and make this Euro season unforgettable!

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